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Thread: Best way to learn MQL4 (Meta Trader 4 Coding)?

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    Best way to learn MQL4 (Meta Trader 4 Coding)?

    I need to turn my indicator into an EA, but I don't know how to code... What's the best way to learn how to code in MQL4?

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    I think you should learn C# .net to begin with. This is what Meta Trader 4 is based around. If you don't have any programming experience, this is definitely the way to start. If you're serious and you want to add to your skill-set in life, you should learn it.

    Learning to program is always useful, and is always going to be useful to you and a prospective employer in the future.

    Learn Variables.
    Learn Decision making and Looping
    Learn Arrays
    Learn to Create your own functions ( this is the most important thing ) if you can work with functions and divide and conquer your programs. you are done with it. is closer to MQL4 but you can't create classes in MQL4 though you can come close to the look and feel. What you will learn from an Object Oriented Programming Language will benefit you alot since MQL4 works alot of with Objects for e.g what is Color? what is a Trendline? they are all objects so if you can learn how to manupilate the Objects that would be great. ( just my opinion to start with instead of C Language )

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