I'd like to ask the opinion of all experienced and knowledgeable traders...do you think that the emergence of true STP/ECN/DMA brokers will equal the end of the dealing desk and market making brokers? The DDs and MMs have such a built such a bad reputation over the years, i noticed that in the last 6 months, they are all rushing to convince the world that they are STP/ECN/DMA models and not dealing desks. But come on, how stupid do you think we are?

They claim all "strategies are welcome", we can "accept scalpers" or "trade using your EA" when we know that as soon as trading is profitable, we won't be welcome and manipulation begins. This is how theyve worked for many years, hoping or arranging for clients to lose money so they can make profit!

So, if you are tricked by this cover up that these market makers have become STP over night, check the conditions people...check the stop limits and levels (a true DMA/STP will have zero limits) check the counter party, check the spreads or commissions and do a calculation (my spread is 0.2 pips and my commission is 0.3, total 0.5 pips costs per lot), does it make sense that they give me 100% bonus and a rebate!!!!!!!???!!!! No of course not, its a dealing desk. Any broker that works for that will either be bankrupt or is a dealing desk.

Sorry for the ranting guys, I am fedup of reading that I****forex, L******x F****n and such brokers are STP brokers...I say BULLS**T!