FxGrow Daily Technical Analysis – 08th Jan, 2018
By FxGrow Research & Analysis Team

EUR/USD Plunges at 10-EMA Over Recovering U.S Dollar

EUR/USD dipped on Morning trading session to 1.1976 flirting with 10-EMA (1.1980) successfully with a re-bounce after four consolidation sessions last week. The pair received a positive Retail Sales in Eurozone at 1.5% while expectations were at 1.4% which should keep EUR bulls in action. On the other hand, the U.S Dollar is showing signs of recovery after surging to $92.02 high today adding more pressure on EUR/USD. Currently, the pair is trading 1.2002 intraday.

With absence of strong fundamentals today, eyes will be shifted towards FOMC members as they cross wires today in the afternoon. Both Bostic and Williams with expectations that comments from Williams will have more weight considering the occasion and the topic.

EUR/USD Technical Overview:

Closing price: 1.2041

Target price: 1.2100

Resistance levels: 1.2065, 1.2100, 1.2150

Support levels: 1.2000 , 1.1980 (10-EMA) , 1.1900

Trend: Sideways / Up

Trend reversal price: 1.1945

Comment: The short term trend is up and pressing rallies give bull signals for a run to 1.2100+. A close over 1.2150 is bullish. A roll off from last week's congestion alerts for 2-4 days of retracements / defensive congestion. However, only a close under 1.1945 marks a short term reversing downturn.
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