NZD/USD Technical Analysis: January 8, 2018

The New Zealand dollar was able to break higher upon the opening session on Monday, however, took a reversal throughout the week to move lower and fill the gap. In line with this, a sufficient support was seen and bounced to the upside. The day closed with a slight formation of a hammer pattern, which implies that buyers will return to the market.

It is possible that the Kiwi dollar will resume driving near the top of the overall consolidation zone, marked on the chart around 0.75 area. The 0.68 region below is considered highly supportive and basically the “floor” in the NZD/USD pair.

It remains to be seen prior shorting this market despite the noticeable breakdown underneath the bottom of the hammer for the week appears to be negative. But 0.70 level seems to be supportive which requires some time before taking long positions.

In case that commodity markets would rally in general, the upward trend would likely to continue. However, the current situation is slightly overbought which could possibly be followed by a pullback that should only offer value going forward. This is because the American currency was very weak versus other currencies. The market remains to have plenty of noise but a significant amount of bullish pressure is expected in order to continue moving forward. The highs will be tested again and will eventually break out.

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