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Thread: Forex Tips for New Traders: What to Keep in Mind?

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    Forex Tips for New Traders: What to Keep in Mind?

    Forex market is like a genie that might turn all your trading dreams into reality. Although the genie is very rewarding, one needs to harness the power of it. Forex is a dynamic market, and the new traders must follow certain trading strategies that will help them to earn better. Today, I will discuss some of the trading strategies that I usually follow.

    Keeping the goals realistic
    If you are a new trader, part time trader, or a trader looking for safe ways to earn from currency market; you must have realistic goals which might be achieved easily. Forex market goals are much more attainable, if short term trading goals are set by the traders. Short term trading goals can be achieved within short period of time. Some traders fail to understand the fact that having realistic and attainable short term goals is beneficial in long term. Short period goals will help you became a long term and successful trader.

    It is seen that traders avoid the short term goals and focus on long term plans. But they forget that long term plans can seem to be unattainable. Having definite short term goals act as a check posts that motivate you with small rewards. As you keep on getting success in short term plans your commitment to become full time trader grows and you get a step closer to your long period plan.

    The beauty of simplicity
    When you get initiated to become a trader, many will guide you to have a trading approach. But what they never tell you is to keep your approach simple. If you don’t want learn the hard way, you must follow the advice of easyMarkets learn centre and keep your trading approach simple. Forex market and trading can seem to be very complicated but it is not at all so. Choosing simple trading strategies like price action will help in making your trading in forex market easier. Simple strategies help in removing complications and confusions making technical and psychological trading aspects easier.

    Practice makes perfect
    While this phrase is true in every walk of life, it is very is very crucial when it comes to trading forex. Most new traders think that they can dive into the pool of currency and come out with immense profits by trading live. They think they have learned everything about forex market after reading some articles on forex. The thing they don’t understand is that forex is a live market which changes faster than they think. Therefore, they should horn their skills before diving into live trading or they will have to pay a price for their move.

    New traders must practice trading on a demo account for at least 3 to 4 months before they start trading live. Practicing on a demo account will help a trader to master the trading method.

    Never bid good bye to your rationality
    Investing in forex market is like a rollercoaster ride. Many a times it is seen that traders get over excited after earning big in the currency market. This is the period when they make most mistakes as they make their judgement based on happiness, motivation and positive feelings rather rationality. This is a common mistake as this mistake is fuelled by human nature. A simple golden rule of forex market can be- confusion is enemy of earnings. Your focus should always be to avoid period of confusion. From your trading strategies to approach, forex trading will be easy if you are not confused and frustrated.

    While some can get over excited and make mistakes, some can slowly lose their motivation and deviate from their trading goals. This is just like a New Year resolution which is forgotten in the same speed with which it is made. But traders must remember that forex market never rewards the lazy. Too much thinking and confusing can be counter- productive in forex trading.

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    If you are going to start forex then you must learn the basics of forex and after it you need to have trading goals,plan and a good strategy. It can make your trade easy and you can make enough money.

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