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TradeStation offers sophisticated analysis capabilities for every level of trader and the ability to back-test and paper-trade your ideas before you risk a cent. Plus, you can trade multiple products all from the same platform how online fx trading platform.

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Tradestation gives etf and equity traders a powerful combination of customizable technical and fundamental analysis tools, lightning-fast trade execution and award-winning education and support.

  • Direct access to every major U.S. exchange and ECN
  • Track custom alerts on hundreds of symbols in a single window
  • View market depth and place complex orders with one click - all from one screen
  • Back-test ideas with more than 90 years of stock market data - and even automate your trades.
  • Research any stock based on hundreds of historical and real-time fundamental data fields
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the markets with Hot Lists and Market Breadth indicators


Discover a new dimension in options analysis.
all-new optionstation pro is a fast, fluid and intuitive options trading platform from tradestation. the more precisely you can visualize the options market, the more precisely you can execute. that’s why it’s packed with features like these:

  • Sophisticated options analysis with interactive 2-D and 3-D position graphs
  • Advanced order-entry technology that lets you trade options spread strategies with just a few clicks
  • Configurable, spread-specific options chain views
  • Dynamic options pricing and Greek calculations
  • The ability to build, evaluate and track virtually any options position
  • Spread-recognition logic to let you easily transform existing positions and create hypothetical ones