Within these, in recent years new products and mechanisms have emerged with which to operate and make money quickly, always resulting in high volatility then the question is how to make money with binary trade?

The binary options are an investment system in which you bet on the rise or fall in the price of underlying assets that are quoted in a stock market for a certain time. There are two types of system, cash or nothing, in which you earn an amount if the option expires when the option is quoted above the paid (in-the-money) or nothing in the opposite case (out-the-money) . The other system is active or nothing, in which the value of the price of the underlying asset can be gained.

The main characteristic of these products, is that it is about predicting if the price of a good will go up or down during a specific period and there are only two options, win or lose everything, hence the name of binary, and where Returns can reach 50%, 70% and 80%.

Naturally, it is a high risk mechanism due to its volatility and the amounts involved and where the operations last a very short time, sometimes up to a couple of minutes. Emulating a bidding system, and where speed in management plays a fundamental role with respect to other agents.

In the same way, it is also important to choose a good trading and operations platform that has the quality and legality necessary to carry out operations properly:

- Whether or not it is outside the law. In all countries (Spain too) there are official regulators that accept and approve the operators. It is a matter of vital importance.