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Thread: NEOSUPERMASS provides a secure, reliable and dedicated platform service

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    NEOSUPERMASS provides a secure, reliable and dedicated platform service

    NEOSUPERMASS provides a secure, reliable and dedicated platform service allowing clients to trade in a range of FOREX, Indices and Commodities. FINTECHFX. has successfully partnered with some of the largest providers in the Global trading market including Barclays, Bank of America, UBS and Deutsche Bank.

    Founded in 2016 by the Investment Group Neo Super Mass, FINTECHFX was designed by a team of experienced Traders seeking to provide market-leading trading service. FINTECHFX have designed a platform to handle high-frequency trading volumes supported by a network of four independent data centers and high-tier liquidity providers to ensure that their Straight-Through Processing (STP) business model works efficiently at all times.

    Neo Super Mass is located in Melbourne, Australia and is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commissions (ASIC) AFSL. No.493603. FINTECH FX is also regulated in NFA (ID 0509912).

    NEOSUPERMASS provides a 24 hour/7 day a week International Customer Support Service to ensure all account issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. All major currency pairings are supported as well as several minor currencies. We also support CFD’s to be traded in indices, equities and commodities. FINTECHFX uses the MetaTrader4 electronic trading platform which supports both desktop and mobile trading. FINTECHFX is currently leveraged at 100:1.

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    La disciplina richiede fro credo in ogni azienda. Non c'è lavoro che richieda disciplina. Anche nel commercio forex business non può avere successo a meno che non siano disciplinati. TradesFX aiuta il proprio trader ad apprendere ogni singola conoscenza del forex e ad essere disciplinato nella propria carriera di trading. Hanno un forte sostegno per il background educativo del trader. Ho ricevuto molti supporti educativi dalle loro risorse educative arricchite che include anche tutorial video ed e-book forex.

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