Hi Everyone,
I have only just joined but since this isn't cluttered and I haven't found a post on it in the patterns section, I thought I'd start if off!
I have been trading Forex on & off for a couple of years and although I am profitable, I have only been trading tiny positions and have had great trouble sticking with any one system due to a number of factors - the main one being that I don't want to be dependant on a fixed system which may not work long term but the one thing we can all agree on is that if we look at a chart of any currency or Index, the price never goes up in a solid line, it retraces then continues in EVERY case and so I have decided to make this my mission - Instead of trying to master price action and all the different patterns, I am going to see what I can do to make a workable system from the base foundation of the 1-2-3 Pattern.
I will start to post up some images in the coming week and will discuss my findings here so we can all benefit from any observations!
I think the first area is to drill down to which points we should take as the swing highs and swing lows as there are several methods....using fractals, visual swings and TD points which are a type of swing high/low created/found by Tom DeMark.

I think that'll do for me now....watch this space